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soulight started this conversation

It has become increasingly difficult for me to come to Aidpage in the last Months. I wish that I could  personally talk with people , but my computer is gone and my left hand is becoming  weaker every day (Cerebellar degeneration runs in my family. I am losing that part of my brain slowly and it makes the whole left side of my body weak) .

Since I am not able to come on as often , I am going to periodically use my daughters computer to post this message. I want my fellow Aidmates to be able to use my pages even though I cannot always talk to them like I would like. So my list of pages for ALL KINDS of help :

God Bless all my precious friends on Aidpage !


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AleackmSC   in reply to Achuma Desmond
Sorry that was for Johnson B ...but God bless you also
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AleackmSC   in reply to Achuma Desmond
Yes he will if you ask him too, and you have to keep your eye's open.. This to shall pass. In the mean time, you have to look into your community ,there is help out there sometimes we have to look to our communities for help it's there believe me, call 211 and also stay at a shelter near a soup kitchen so your not to far away from food. I hope I've helped some, your parents are still watching you.. Make them proud. :-)
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Johnson B.   in reply to Achuma Desmond
God bless you Desmond but its not easy for me at all. I have been selling at the market place for food but now my money got lost, not even money for food.
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Achuma Desmond   in reply to Johnson B.
Don't warry dear God will open away out.
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Johnson B.   in reply to lori love
I need urgent help, i lost my parents and now i dont have money for food, not even shelter, i cant go to school anymore because no one will pay my school bills, painful aspect now is that i have to write final exams next year, please i need help so that i can continue my school. i am totally homeless boy,. God bless you.
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Johnson B.   in reply to helpwithhouse
I need urgent help, i lost my parents and now i dont have money for food, not even shelter, i cant go to school anymore because no one will pay my school bills, painful aspect now is that i have to write final exams next year, please i need help so that i can continue my school. i am totally homeless boy,. God bless you.
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vaintobroken   in reply to michellelee
Starting in 2014, even though obama care sucks, we can apply for emergency dental as it can lead to hheart disease and many other issues . I have paid $300,000. overe the years to have beautiful smile but as times change, so has dentistry as mine have broken off by having all teeth capped, in looking back they were great untill a dentist cut off my teeth too short, all he was suppose to do was clean tem, now I have gum disease and no insurance, so I hope the promises of dental and vision will really be some string to grab at, Good luck to the both of us.
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watchwoman1950_2005   in reply to jcisforme48
I have also been looking for help in getting my teeth pulled and cut out. I have 7 on bottom most will have to be cut out and 7 or 8 on the top. So far I haven't had any luck finding any help. If someone knows anything please let me know.
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my first time here and am glad to read about you soulight,i have been in so much emotional pain all my life and i have suffered all kinds of abuse that sometimes i feel like i dont want to live anymore.i have no money,no friends and know job(definitely not by choice,i will do any job to raise money cos i have 2 little boys but cant)i have been very depresed and now coming accross your story made me realise am still very lucky cos am in good health and so are my boys,i should be grateful.thank you ever so much for sharing your story.maybe we share emails if dont mind.God bless you.

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I would give almost anything to get help with my teeth. They r just breaking off and decaying. My smile was my favorite thing about myself, now I have nothing that I like about myself. That makes my life hard. I never go out, I quit my job, and I have no friends. I embarrassed, I cant pay for dental care and I dont have insurance. I look so ugly now, I havent smiled in years. I know there are really sick people out there with severe medical problems, so I guess I shouldnt complain. Its just nice to say it.
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I'm sorry about your health, i will be praying for you. Can you read my story and get back to me. Thanks, verla
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I will and still help people all i can .and here i put what i needed so bad,at least i have a roof over my head. if nothing else.and jesus to pray to and a TV. I will help any way i can to blessed you have a descent home.thats all i wish for.its so bad. well i dont want to say much.other then it needs just about everything. can barley get to my bedroom up stairs.the steps are all broken. maybe im on the wrong site. god bless u all
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we dont want to loose r over middle age.need a bathroom and entire home remodeled.I can send pics if u like. we have no bath tub with running water. please someone or a group.of people we need help i pray everynight that a miricle will happen
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god bless you!
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lori love

 in response to soulight...   i just want to say god bless u all n i will personally find ways to help out people i really dig in the computer n get numbers and anyway i can help someone will make me feel so good so ill be posting certain things even how to get free gifts for christmas ill find the date time and address n post it ASAP im glad to be a part of Aidpage

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 in response to jcisforme48...   god bless you
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 in response to CATLUV...   Hi Cat,
It was nice of you to write and I do look forward to being a part of this community. Thank you and God bless. I will check out the link you sent me.
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 in response to jcisforme48...   

Hi, I just wanted to give you a heads up that soulight hasn't been online here for quite some time. She does have a wealth of information on her pages though, and another good place to look for help related to dental needs is getfreedental. I will include a link a page of a few Aidpage members below. I am glad you found Aidpage and i hope you stick around, as there are a number of really wonderful people here .. so welcome to the community! I hope today is a good day, and relatively free of pain. Best wishes to you and many blessings, Cat

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Dear soullight,
I just came across ur website a few moments ago while searching for help to get a much needed set of dentures. I have suffered with severe degeneration of my temporal mandibular joint. In fact the one side of my jaw is 15% lower than the other so ill fitting dentures only aggravate the situation. Locally I discovered there is absolutely nothing in the line of help so I took to the internet. Under the search "financial aid for dentures", I came across a website in Arizona called Dental Lifeline Network. I live in Pa but I called them and the girl there gave me the 800# in Pa. I tried once but there was no one there but will try again tomorrow. There is a long waiting list since they work through donations and donated services but it's worth a try.
I read your story concerning your worsening health problems and it broke my heart. I guarantee you will be in my prayers always but if there is anything else I can do to help you with your cause please let me know. I'm 62 and on disability and have plenty of time on my hands. May God bless you Soullight!
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 in response to soulight...   Hi! Just visiting your website soulight. I read that you have the need of a computer also you have problems with your hand.
1)Check out Shimdty's(I think that's how it is spelled site on . He has a big list of places one can go to get free or low cost computers.Also There is a program that will let you
control your computer with your voice.It is called Dragon Speaking Naturally .you may wish to look into that. if you can't
afford it I believe there is similar freeware online. Just Google.
hope this helps.good luck, God Bless
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